We have a very active missions group both locally and internationally. Blessed with people who feel the need to reach out and

help anyone suffering and in need. 


Light for Thailand UPDATE

Thank you to all who donated to our Light for Thailand project, helping us reach $2,000.

We recently received information from ABCUSA International Ministries indicating that for the Song Sawang Church/NightLight project in Bangkok, Thailand, $200,000 was raised with the end of the year match campaign. The donor of the match offered up to $100,000 in matching funds; $100,000 was raised, so that netted $200,000.  That, combined with prior gifts, leaves only $21,548 needed for this project.  That is good news!  Our contribution to this project was part of the $100,000 received for matching.  Women needing light in the darkness of their bondage and escape from prostitution will find help and care and love as they receive job training and care in the fellowship of this Christian community.



Thai coffee plants for farmers in northern Thailand indicates the project is at 42% of its $12,600 goal.  This is up from 18% previously.  More good news!  Our gifts will make a difference in the lives of these farmers and their families.

Farmers are faced with growing opium or coffee to support their families. We believe if they can make a living planting rich coffee plants it will serve them and the world.


Wakefield Baptist hosted a breakfast for American Baptist Women's Ministries of Rhode Island to raise funds for shipping bandages and medical supplies to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The Babies and Bandages Breakfast Buffet  raised more than $2,100 to help with the expense of shipping one container of White Cross supplies to missionary Katherine Niles who coordinates the work of ten mission hospitals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

We played CONGO BINGO and learned that:

> the cost of shipping one container of White Cross supplies to the Congo is $15,000

> a major health goal is to reduce maternal and child mortality rates

> a microscope is a precious item in Congolese hospitals

> solar panels may be needed by hospitals to keep a freezer running to store medicines

We are grateful for all who worked together to make this a successful effort.