Wakefield Baptist Church

Ministries of Healing



Physical and spiritual restoration, forgiveness, pardon, reconciliation, redemption, release, mercy and grace: 

these all contribute to the healing offered us by God, which we seek for one another as a congregation.

         Healing and restoration encompass wholeness of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual being.  No need

         is too small.  No problem is too big.  Trusting God in the little things can help us to trust God in the big things.

         Our healing team is committed to ministering in 2 areas on a regular basis:

                     One – to be available in the Chapel after church for prayers, and

                     Two – to plan services of worship, healing prayers, and restoration.

         After worship – we are an informal, Spirit-led circle of love and compassion.  We listen, we pray, we comfort, we share

         the love of Jesus.  Anything said is kept confidential.  We do not judge; we do not condemn; we do not give

         advice or counsel.  When led to or asked to, we anoint with oil or do laying-on of hands. 

         Our services of worship, healing and restoration are scheduled on an irregular basis, so please contact us to find out when

         the next one will occur, or watch this web-site. Our services are informal, non-threatening and spirit-led!  Come and see. 

         We will worship,  sing, pray, read and meditate on scripture, share stories of healing, and offer anointing and laying-on of hands.

         These services are open to all, so bring a friend. Invite persons you are praying for right now. 

         Our congregation has made healing a priority in our praying – we pray for each other; we are a family of prayer, a family

         of spiritual companions on our spiritual journeys.

         We invite you to trust, as we do, in Christ’s ability to heal. This, we believe:

  1.  The anointing of God’s Holy Spirit is upon us, and within us.
  2. The anointing of God’s spirit has the power to remove every burden and destroy every yoke.
  3. God is placing fresh oil upon his people – represented by the Spirit’s power – it is holy and sacred – it empowers you to do the work He has called you to do.
  4. God wants us whole – in body, mind and spirit.  Pray in faith – not by sight or by feelings.