The Wakefield Baptist Church


This church lives to introduce Jesus Christ

To those who do not know and love him,

To deepen the faith and commitment

Of those who already know and love him,

To demonstrate Christ’s way of love

In the service to the world.



Church Covenant


 Having been led by the Spirit of God to profess our faith in Jesus Christ, and having been baptized in the name of the Father the Son, and the Holy Spirit, we do solemnly and joyfully affirm our covenant with God and with each other.

 We pledge to serve Christ in the fellowship of this congregation. We shall endeavor to love one another, to remember one another in prayer, to share in each other's joys and to sustain each other in times of distress. We aspire to be a fellowship of the concerned, where the lost may find Jesus Christ, sinners may find pardon, seekers may find meaning for thier lives, and where all who come may find welcome. We shall strive to be  responsible church members, through faithful attendance, study and giving.

 Believing that our call to be a church is a call to witness in the world, we dedicate ourselves anew as servants of the Lord of all life. Whenever people are seperated by barriers of hostility and distrust, we shall be ministers of God's reconciling love. As we pledge our support to the work of our missionaries throughout the world, we commit ourselves to the mision which God calls us all.

 Acknowledging our human frailties and ever seeking forgiveness, we profess our need of the Holy Spirit, and commit our lives to Jesus Christ, and through Him to the care, the judgment, the deliverance, and mercy of Almighty God. Amen.