Elder Mission 


What is “Elder Mission”?

We generally think of elders as the “older folks,”the senior citizens.  Some may think “elder” means past one's prime, gone out to pasture, or one who is feeble and frail.  But an elder comes with much experience and wisdom.  We look to those who have lived many years for guidance, to glean wisdom from them, to learn from their experiences.  Elders have much to share and much to teach others.  Yet, in today’s society, elders often feel disempowered, vulnerable and under-appreciated.




Elder Mission has emerged at Wakefield Baptist Church as a way of engaging the wisdom and faith of our elders in active ministry alongside those in our community who may be experiencing loneliness, alienation, grief, or the fatigue associated with aging.  These are social and spiritual concerns that may arise from the physical disabilities or limitations due to age.

By offering a prayerful community of support, service and care we hope to strengthen others as we grow together in faith.  This, we hope, will help prepare us all to lead joyous lives, make difficult life-choices, as well as face more eternal concerns. 

An Elder Mission Team made up of members of the congregation meets monthly to plan events and address needs.  We would love for you to be part of the team!